Spins Table Tennis Academy
Sir Frederic Osborn School Sports Hall | Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 2AF

About Andrew Walker

Andrew has played table tennis for over 40 years. He has played at a Premier League level in South Wales, Reading, Basingstoke and currently plays for St Michaels in the SHAW league with a healthy 77% win average. During his playing career in South Wales he captained his team to Premier Champions on a number of occasions and represented Cardiff in the Welsh Table Tennis League.

Andrew qualified as a Level 2 UKCC2 table tennis coach in 2013 and has participated in junior coaching sessions in Hitchin and St Albans. His passion for setting up a coaching academy can be traced back to the very first time he picked up a table tennis bat. The first session was in Aldryngton Primary School in Reading and thanks to the availability of facilities and top class coaches in the area, Aldryngton Primary School fostered 3 Commonwealth Champions and a whole host of English National Champions at both Junior and Senior level. Providing a table tennis coaching academy in Welwyn Garden City provides at least the first step to start on the path of becoming a Champion.

Andrew continues to improve as a coach by attending coaching sessions led by many other top coaches.

Thamal is the driving force behind Spins Table Tennis Coaching Academy which has been several years in the making. Together with his equally passionate and dedicated coaching